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Drive Ferrari’s in Chicago

Contact George Kiebala, who founded the exotic car share Membership Usage Program to learn how to drive Ferrari’s, Corvettes, Vipers, Lamborghini’s, Alfa Romeo’s, Bentley’s and other exotic cars and sports cars. From the classic Ferrari 355 Berlinetta to the amazing Ferrari 430 Spider

The membership usage program is significantly less expensive than exotic car rental - yet- without the hassles of traditional vehicle ownership.

As a member of exotic car share you can enjoy a week or weekend of the World’s hottest exotic cars. Members have access to the entire Collection including Ferrari, Viper, Alfa Romeo, Corvette, classic Mustang Mach 1, Lamborghini, Bentley, Audi R8, and more. All are just a phone call or click away for members, so join today!

Maintenance, detailing, supplemental insurance, pre-paid tolls, even a complementary full tank of fuel are always provided with every usage for the ultimate, worry-free driving experience.

Plus you’ll be joining a community of other like minded auto enthusiasts who appreciate the performance, agility and design of some of the world’s greatest automobiles. And, participate in many exclusive Member-only events, including wine tastings, exotic car rallies and prominent speakers!

Founded in 2000, now over 1,200 members strong and growing, Exotic Car Share is the largest and most established car share club in the country!









Learn About Exotic Automobile Fractional Ownership Programs:


George Kiebala founded the Exotic Car Fractional Ownership concept in the U.S. in the year 2000. The concept allows members to enjoy the prestige and the pure driving pleasure of owning an exotic super car throughout the year, without the costs & hassles of full ownership. 

For more information, contact George Kiebala, the CEO of Curvy Road, the premier Exotic Car Fractional ownership club at 847-358-7524.

Plus, a single fractional ownership share allows you the option of driving multiple super cars throughout the year. If desired, weeks can be traded from your primary Curvy Road vehicle to other super cars in the Portfolio to enjoy the greatest variety of driving experiences possible.

A single share provides you with four to eight weeks of driving time per year, in blocks of one or two weeks, scheduled to meet your needs, so you gain the ultimate in convenience.

The vehicle can be delivered to your home or office, within 100 miles of our operating cities, fully detailed and ready to enjoy, for each reserved usage.








Only pay for the time you can really enjoy the automobile — not for down time while you’re traveling or just busy — and keep your money working for you, instead of sitting in the garage.

Insurance is covered by Curvy Road, which on an individual basis is typically quite high for exotic and high-end luxury cars. You benefit by participating in a shared program.

Generous mileage allowances mean worry-free driving and no onerous surcharges that many leases often carry.

Complimentary tank of fuel per usage and prepaid tolls means all the driving enjoyment without the hassles.

Contact George Kiebala at 847-358-7524 for more information on the CurvyRoad fractional ownership pgm.


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Ferrari Rental Chicago